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Rookie Camper 2 Berth

Specifications Rookie 2 Berth

Vehicle Toyota Estima, Year(s): 1997-1999, 2.4L Petrol Engine, Automatic Transmission, Power steering
Dimensions Length 4.60m, Width 1.60m, Height 1.80m,
Interior height 1.20m
Seatbelts 2 x Driver cabin
Beds ​​1 x Double bed
1.90m x 1.30m
Air Conditioning Not guaranteed
Shower/ Toilet No
Water Cold water only
Water Tanks Tanks (10L water)
Heating No
Power Supply The Lucky Rookie does not have a separate battery and therefore caution must be taken on usage of the lights and stereo when the vehicle is parked.
Fridge No / Cooling Box
Cooking Gas Cooker (1 burner)
Audio Visual CD Player & radio (iPod plug)
  Internal walk through access
Cooking equipment provided All campervans are equipped with basic cooking equipment which includes cutlery, crockery, pots and pans, toaster (if vehicle has 240v power), kettle (or gas kettle) and a little more.
Bedding not provided A Bedding Pack can be purchased for NZ$20 and includes a queen duvet, queen sheet, 2 towels, 2 pillow cases and a tea towel.
Baby/Booster seats No child seat can be fitted.
  New Zealand has some laws regarding where you can freedom / overnight camp. Some free camping sites will only allow you to overnight camp if you are certified self-contained. This campervan is not self-contained.